Rosé and Indian Cuisine?

Lately I have been craving good Indian food. I keep thinking back to a cold night in Boston when Madeleine (my roommate) and I didn’t want to cook and wanted something warm with spices. I just quickly searched “yummy food in Boston” in Google and a decent Indian restaurant popped up that we both decided looked good. I don’t even remember the name of it to be honest, but, guys, this place was so good! We ordered a FEAST and ate until we thought we would throw up (seriously we ate so much). And I ordered a glass of brut Rosé with my meal.

Rosé. With Indian food. Does that…….go?

Anyways, the point of that mini story is that there is an Indian restaurant around the corner from my house called 8Elements that I have been wanting to try out. It looks legit, not the ‘watered-down’ American-Indian cuisine. The real deal.

I’ll check it out and report back on it! I’m sure it won’t be long……I’m really craving Indian…

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