Big Sean. He Gave a Crazy Show.

For my roommate’s  birthday, I got us tickets to go see Big Sean at the House of Blues in Boston. It was a wild night. Big Sean not only gives his fans a crazy good show, but a lasting impression of how authentic he is.

That night, the crowd was electric. The room was packed, must’ve been a sold out show. Everyone around us, including Madeleine and I, anticipated hearing his latest album I DecidedWe had a few (not so well-made) cocktails and made a couple of friends around us before Big Sean came on stage. Everyone was feeling good!

Big Sean. He came out swinginggg!! He started off the show with “Light”, “Voices in My Head”, “Sacrifices”, and “Jump Out the Window“. Everyone was hyped, he was SO hyped! (And shout out to the band who went in!) My favorite song off the album is “No Favors, probably his most angry song off the album. I could nooot wait to recite those lyrics at the top of my lungs! He performed it halfway through his show. And of course he had to perform a few of his past hits “I Don’t F*ck With You” and “Beware”. He said a number of powerful words in between some of the heavier songs like “Bigger Than Me”.

He came out wanting to give us a message. A message of hope, truth, and honesty. (*And also to turn tf UP!) We got his message. We left the venue hungry for more, and ready to spread a little consciousness, a little justice, and most definitely a lot of positivity.

*responsibly. but on the real, take everything I say lightly because I was a smidge drunk and having fun….like some of the songs might not be in that exact order but it’s close I think


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