The Right Fix

Can we TALK about Kehlani’s new album Sweet Sexy Savage? I was never a huge fan of hers but this album just made me the leader of her #1 fan club. I honestly cannot stop listening to it. Each song brings out all the feels, and I’m in love.

The beginning of my last semester of college has not been as easy going as I thought it would be and I’ve been really upset with the curve balls life has been throwing at me lately, but this album, truly, is helping me get through. Kehlani herself has struggled with a dark depression that led to her attempted suicide this past year, so in her album she brings out some of those raw emotions that she had to overcome like in songs “Piece of Mind” and “Advice”. Sweet Sexy Savage is the perfect fix to getting anyone through a rough patch.

Rolling Stone calls the album a perfect blend of, “electric, pop-leaning collection of trap, experimental R&B, and neo-soul”. I couldn’t agree more, and she absolutely gives us classic Aaliyah 90’s vibes in “Too Much”. To finish the album with the chilling sounds and infamous track off of Suicide Squad, “Gangster”, is perfect.

My favorite song off the album is definitely “Keep On” (the bass line slapssss!). I will probably only be listening to this album for the next month.


You can listen to “Keep On” in my Recent Song Favorites! I promise you’ll like it!

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